The ZimZum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage

By Rob Bell and Kristen Bell

Sunday Times bestselling author Rob Bell is joined in this book by his wife of twenty years, Kristen, to present a new way to make marriage work.

Marriage is complex because people are complicated. You think you know each other so well that you’re almost one person. But then there are moments when it’s shockingly obvious that you’re two, with two opinions and two ways of doing things. And these moments can be relationship flashpoints – whether it’s over money, politics, childrearing or what you’re going to watch on TV tonight. So how do you stop yourself flaring up when you and your spouse disagree and start seeing marriage as a chance for you to learn more about the person you want to know best of all?

Early on in their marriage Rob and Kristen experienced the struggles, disagreements and fights that come to all couples. They still do. But they quickly learned that if they were to fulfil their desire of a great marriage, they had to be proactive, focused and intentional about their relationship – and learn how to fight in the most productive way possible!

In this inspiring and humorous insight into their approach to marriage, the popular husband and wife team explore communication, dealing with relatives, sex, petty fights, money, work and boundaries, as well as love, forgiveness, fidelity, faith and hope – because something happens when two people give themselves fully to each other, something profound and mystical, something with endless depth and dimension, something spiritual – and that’s the ZimZum of Love.

There’s the ideal of marriage, and then there’s the reality of marriage: this book is about bringing those two closer together.

With extensive discussion questions in the endnotes, this easy-to-read book is invaluable for anyone searching for a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Author: Rob Bell
Format: ebook
Release Date: 28 Oct 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-755793-6
Rob and Kristen Bell have been married for twenty years and live in Los Angeles with their three children. Rob Bell is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling book Love Wins.

For Love Wins -

”'Bell takes concepts we think we know about … and flips them into a new light” - The Tennessean

”'Thousands of readers will find freedom and hope and a new way of understanding” - Brian D. McLaren, author of Naked Spirituality

”'Rob Bell is one of the hottest names” - Boston Globe