Arabella Pike
Publishing Director

History, biography, politics, current affairs, psychology, science, nature, books about the sea and poetry. I publish in all these areas but, like all true magpies, anything bright, shiny, quirky, unexpected is likely to attract my eye. During many years at William Collins I have published great books by many writers including (but not limited to): Christina Lamb, Adam Nicolson, Paula Byrne, Maya Jasanoff, Kathryn Mannix, Max Hastings, Catherine Belton, Samantha Power, Sally Bayley, Patrick Radden Keefe, Marina Warner, Saul David, Richard Holmes, Sue Stuart-Smith, Daniel Gilbert and Jonathan Bate. And to lift lockdown gloom, new books in 2021 include the biography of Francis Bacon by Annalyn Swan and Mark Stevens, Value(s) from Mark Carney, Noise by Daniel Kahneman, Cass Sunstein and Olivier Sibony, Beyond by Stephen Walker and the Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym by Paula Byrne.

Myles Archibald
Publishing Director

I am really interested in informed, inciteful and intriguing books on pretty much any area of non-fiction. In the past 8 years this has resulted in my developing for William Collins an eclectic mix of books on nature, science, history, racism and ecology by authors such as David Attenborough, Brian Cox, Ben Fogle, Bernard Cornwell, Peter Wohlleben and Peter Godfrey-Smith, plus the world renowned Collins New Naturalist series and the associated field guides. We also started our association with the TLS in 2019, TLS Books, publishing Lee Child’s brilliant The Hero, with David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count publishing in 2021.

Shoaib Rokadiya
Editorial Director

I’m led by sparkling, voice-driven non-fiction across politics, history, science and smart thinking. Since joining William Collins in March 2020, I’ve acquired projects including The Last Slaves, a narrative history of the last five survivors of the transatlantic slave trade by Hannah Durkin; America on Fire, an account of Black rebellion since the 1960s by Elizabeth Hinton; The Virus Hunters, a scientific detective story about the global search for bat-borne viruses by Jane Qiu; and No Escape, a memoir about the plight of the Uighur people by Nury Turkel. In the past, I’ve worked with bestselling and prizewinning authors such as Grayson Perry, Harriet Harman, Kim Ghattas, Matt Parker and Adam Weymouth.

Carlos Darby
Senior Publishing Manager, Bibles & Religious

I have the privilege of looking after religious authors such as C.S. Lewis, Rob Bell, Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Brian Houston and Vicky Beeching. Alongside key bible translations; KJV, ESV and NRSV. My interests revolve around publishing books and bibles that are relevant to a 21st century religious reader and are practically making a difference to their faith journey. Additionally, we’ve included spirituality to the mix of books we’re publishing, to better meet the needs of those seeking spiritual insight and self-help. I’m looking for authors that think in a way that offers unique spiritual insight and are seeking to creatively communicate biblical themes like The Dog, the Wolf and God by Folco Terzani and The Infographic Bible by Karen Sawrey.

Grace Pengelly
Commissioning Editor

I’m a Commissioning Editor and joined the editorial team in 2019. I’m always drawn to books that consider how we might navigate some of the biggest challenges of our times, but also love working with authors on memoir and nature writing. Prior to my publishing life, I worked in political communications, so you’ll regularly find me in debating other members of the team on the issues of the day. My authors include Anna Hope, Baroness Ruth Hunt, Katrine Marcal, Quiara Alegria Hudes, Emmanuel Iduma, Samuel Miller McDonald and Julia Baird. Outside of work I can be found on long walks and eating Japanese food (although not at the same time).  

Hazel Eriksson
Senior Editor

I’m new to commissioning for William Collins, and am excited to work with authors exploring the world around them. Primarily I’m looking at narrative writing about nature, science, medicine and culture. I also love a memoir with a strong sense of place or a journey of discovery, and I’m delighted to read books that challenge the status quo, break new ground or offer fresh perspectives. I’ve worked in nonfiction publishing for nearly ten years, editing books on topics ranging from natural history, art and reference, to cookery, fashion and photography.

Jo Thompson
Assistant Commissioning Editor

I am interested in intelligent books that bring the biggest issues of the day – from climate change to migration crises to social justice – to the general reader, punchy polemics or manifestos from people with a strong point of view, wonderful memoirs of any kind, and conversation-changing writers that might appeal to a younger or female audience in the vein of Jia Tolentino, Carmen Maria Machado, Emma Gannon or Reni Eddo-Lodge. I commission a few titles a year and work closely with publishing director Arabella Pike on her books.