The Queen’s Sorrow

By Suzannah Dunn

A queen brought low by love compromised and power abused – the tragedy of Mary Tudor.

These are desperate times for Mary Tudor. As England’s first ruling queen, her joy should be complete when she marries Philip, the dashing Prince of Spain. But despite her ardent devotion, he’s making it painfully obvious that he cares little for his new wife – and her struggle to produce an heir only makes him colder towards him. Lonely and depressed, Mary begins to vent her anguish on her people – and England becomes a place of cruelty, persecution and fear.

Mary’s terrible fall from grace is seen through the eyes of Rafael, a Spanish sundial maker who is part of the Prince’s flamboyant entourage. He becomes the one person that she trusts, but his life – and new-found love – will be caught in the chaos that follows…

Format: ebook
Release Date: 04 Sep 2008
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-728030-8
Suzannah Dunn is the author of nine previous books of fiction: \'Darker Days Than Usual’, \'Blood Sugar\', \'Past Caring\', ‘Venus Flaring\', \'Quite Contrary\', \'Tenterhooks\', \'Commencing Our Descent\', \'Queen of Subtleties\' and ‘The Sixth Wife’. Her most recent novel is ‘The Confession of Katherine Howard’. She lives in Shropshire.

”Praise for 'The Sixth Wife’:'My, what a story…delightfully vulgar and utterly compelling.” - The Times

”'Suzannah Dunn…weaves…a love story that is both moving and believable…of second chances at love, and passion reawakened.” - Telegraph

”'Mesmerising and beautifully written.” - Scotsman

”'Suzannah Dunn…weaves a kind of love story that is both moving and believable. This is the Tudor world as seldom seen…The result is historical chick lit at its most charming.” - Telegraph

”'Dunn [sheds] possible new light on Katharine’s marriage to Thomas Seymour and her final days are treated with sympathy and skill.” - The Tablet