The Irish Are Coming

By Ryan Tubridy

In the follow-up to his bestselling JFK in Ireland, the Emerald Isle’s favourite son delves into his country’s past to celebrate the Irish people who through their skills and endeavours helped make the British Isles Great.

Britain and Ireland – two countries separated by a small stretch of water but for so long divided politically, socially, culturally and emotionally. So how come so many of the UK’s funniest and best-loved entertainers hail from Ireland? And why have so many of the finest actors on British stage and television emanated from the Emerald Isle?

In The Irish Are Coming, celebrated chat show host and radio presenter Ryan Tubridy chooses an eclectic array of Irishmen and -women who travelled a small distance to make a big impact – everyone from Terry Wogan, who won the hearts of the British people during the darkest days of the Troubles, to hellraiser Richard Harris, via latter-day saint Bob Geldof and Harry Potter actress Fiona Shaw. It is an affectionate and often hilarious look at the Irish who have helped to make Britain Great.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 07 Nov 2013
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-0-00-731745-5
Ryan Tubridy is an award-winning television and radio presenter for RTE in Ireland. Currently, Tubridy presents The Tubridy Show on RTE Radio 1 and is host of the Late Late Show, the world\'s longest running chat show. Since taking over in 2009 he has interviewed a number of international and acclaimed personalities from the Osbournes to Bertie Ahern and Jermaine Jackson.

Praise for ‘JFK in Ireland’: -

”'In the manner of Woodward and Bernstein … [Tubridy] displays a surreptitious gift for giving the foreground a fictive gloss in pursuit of the truth. Still pursuing the truth, his authorial master stroke is a simple one. He balances the subjective prose-eye with the more distanced eye of the camera” - The Scotsman