Collins New Naturalist Library - Pembrokeshire (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 141)

By Jonathan Mullard

This lushly illustrated and fully comprehensive book about the wildlife, landscapes and history of Pembrokeshire is a much-anticipated addition to the New Naturalist series, and reveals the incredible wealth of biodiversity present in the region.

Surrounded by sea on three sides, Pembrokeshire is the only national park in the UK designated mainly for its coastline. In addition to idyllic beaches, the park includes deep wooded valleys and tranquil estuaries, as well as a marine nature reserve. There is greater variety of geological and landform scenery in the park than in any other area of the same size in the British Isles, and it is an essential sanctuary for many of Britain’s seabird species. There are also important archaeological sites in the park, from Iron Age hill forts and standing stones to the spectacular cathedral of St Davids, as Pembrokeshire has been consistently inhabited by humans since the Neolithic period.
Jonathan Mullard explores the evolving landscape and observes its effects on its native species and habitats. He provides a detailed examination of the geology of the region and the integration of the archaeological and historic landscape with the natural landscape and its fauna. Covering the vast diversity of Pembrokeshire’s beaches and forests, rivers and waterfalls, moorland and farmland, caves and cathedrals, he provides an overview of man’s influence on the natural environment over the centuries and the ongoing conservation of the area. The culmination of years of research, New Naturalist Pembrokeshire is an inspiring exploration of this diverse and fascinating area.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 30 Apr 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-811281-3
Jonathan Mullard is both a chartered biologist and a chartered town and country planner, combining a long-standing interest in the natural environment with a career in conservation and spatial planning. For many years he worked for local authorities, managing National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Heritage Coasts in South Wales and Northeast England. Jonathan was the first senior officer for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to be appointed in the UK, and in this role he successfully lobbied for new legislation for the designation. He is a keen photographer, and many of his photographs are included in this book.

Praise for Pembrokeshire -

”'Pairing the storytelling ways of Mullard with the beautiful and stunning images and artwork found throughout the book truly does make this a must for any natural history lover … A welcome addition to the New Naturalist series” - BBC Wildlife magazine

”Jonathan Mullard is having a great run in this series with two other fine books - The Gower and The Brecon Beacons - already out there. Here, he covers a National Park designated for its 200 miles or so of coastline, offering a wide variety of wildlife with some amazing offshore islands that hold some of Britain's best seabird colonies. AIong with that, a collection of great naturalists have laid down the foundations of this book with their records over many years. Add in some brilliant photography, along with Jonathan Mullard’s quest to discover every last bit of relevant information, and you are set for an exciting read and a chance to book your next holidays” - Bird Watching magazine

Praise for the New Naturalist series -

”'Taken either individually or as a whole, they are one of the proudest achievements of modern publishing” - The Sunday Times

”'The series is an amazing achievement” - The Times Literary Supplement

”'The books are glorious to own” - Independent