Look to Your Wife

By Paula Byrne

A debut novel by a bestselling non-fiction author, this is a witty, wholly entrancing story of the pleasures, pains and obsessions of contemporary life.

Lisa Blaize – teacher, and would-be fashion writer, mother and second wife – feels out of place when her high-flying husband becomes the headmaster of a school in a country town. Isolated and far from her metropolitan upbringing, she turns to the one place where she learns she can be uninhibited.

But ‘Twitter may be my undoing’, Lisa discovers as her one-time private life becomes all too public. Soon she is dealing with an online stalker and her husband’s reputation is put at risk, but will she be able to give up her addiction?

From the gossip of the classroom to our obsession with instant communication, Look To Your Wife is witty and brilliantly observed, revealing the pleasures and pains of contemporary life.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 04 Apr 2019
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0-00-827061-2
Paula Byrne is the author of the bestselling biographies ‘Perdita’, ‘Mad World’, ‘The Real Jane Austen’, ‘Belle’, ‘Kick’ and ‘The Genius of Jane Austen’. She is founder and chief executive of ReLit, the Bibliotherapy Foundation, a charity devoted to the mental health benefits of reading. She is married to Sir Jonathan Bate and lives in Oxford.

”'Zingy, fast-moving novel … It is very readable, elegantly written and crafted, and there are some sharp pieces of social observation” - The Times

”'This energetic debut has genuine suspense …But what I liked best were the backstage glimpses of an elite educational institution: something the author, married to the master of an Oxford college, knows all about” - Daily Mail