Get Your Money Right: Understand Your Money and Make It Work for You

By Emmanuel Asuquo

Learning about money does not have to be boring, but it is REALLY important, especially as we battle through the current cost of living crisis.


Get Your Money Right is a no-nonsense, no jargon guide to money that takes you to a place where you are in CONTROL of your MONEY, so that you can earn more of it, spend less, build wealth and eventually, pass more of it on to the next generation.

GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT takes complicated financial principles and break them down into practical, easy-to-understand concepts. It shares stories of clients Emmanuel has helped, describing the mess they were in before they met him and giving specific tips into how he helped them out of their situation.

Get Your Money Right will allow you to understand:
• The UK Financial System, Financial Education in the UK,
• Money Mindset,
• Building Good Financial Habits,
• Working a Nine-to-Five,
• Running a Business/Setting up a Side Hustle,
• Budgeting,
• How to Spend Money,
• The UK Credit System,
• Borrowing,
• Saving,
• Pensions,
• Investing,
• Property,
• Protecting your assets,
• Generational Wealth,
• Philanthropy

Usually, with money, you need to learn from your mistakes, but now you can just read this book and learn from other people’s and the advice of a qualified financial adviser. We can confirm that this book is great investment – it is the first step to understanding your money and making it work for you.

Time to take CONTROL.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 04 Jan 2024
Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-0-00-858440-5
Emmanuel is a fully qualified financial adviser. He made a great success of his career in finance, working for HSBC, Natwest, HBOS and Barclays, before becoming independent. He is a regular on the Jeremy Vine Show. You’ve also seen Emmanuel share his financial expertise on the hit Channel 4 show Secret Spenders and he did the same on Channel 4’s Save Well, Spend Better and on BBC1’s Your Money, Your Life, Watchdog, Morning Live and Rip Off Britain, as well as ITV’s This Morning.