Collins New Naturalist Library - Ecology and Natural History (Collins New Naturalist Library): Limited-signed edition

By David Wilkinson

Ecology is the science of ecosystems, of habitats, of our world and its future. In the latest New Naturalist, ecologist David M. Wilkinson explains key ideas of this crucial branch of science, using Britain’s ecosystems to illustrate each point.

The science of ecology underlies most of the key issues facing humanity, from the loss of biodiversity to sustainable agriculture, to the effects of climate change and the spread of pandemics. In this accessible and timely addition to the New Naturalist series, ecologist David M. Wilkinson introduces some of the key ideas of this science, using examples from British natural history. Extensively illustrated with photographs of the species and habitats that can be seen in the British countryside, this book shows how the observations of field naturalists link into our wider understanding of the working of the natural world.

Investigating ecosystems across the British Isles, from the Scottish and Welsh mountains to the woodlands of southern England and the fens of East Anglia, Wilkinson describes the relationships between organisms and their environments. Factors such as climate and chemistry influence populations of every kind of organism, and the interactions between these organisms determine the makeup of ecological communities. Using examples from the full range of organisms on Earth – from bacteria to badgers – Wilkinson introduces the crucial ecological processes that support life, addressing how these
ideas can be applied to understand our effect on the environment not just of Britain, but of the whole planet.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 22 Jul 2021
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-840557-1
Detailed Edition: Limited-signed edition
David M. Wilkinson is an ecologist with very wide interest, having published research on organisms ranging from bacteria to sauropod dinosaurs. He was a Reader in environmental science at Liverpool John Moores University, where he taught for almost a quarter of a century. He is now visiting Professor in ecology at the University of Lincoln, and an honorary research fellow in archaeology at the University of Nottingham. His book Fundamental Processes in Ecology; An Earth Systems Approach won the British Ecological Society’s Marsh Book of the Year Award in 2007.

‘All books in the New Naturalist series deal with ecology and natural history in one way or another, but this is the first to take ecology itself as the main theme. It provides a broad but comprehensive overview of the subject … The author has a pleasant ‘storytelling’ style, well suited to the task; this is a book that could, I think, be read and understood by anyone with a keen interest. I’ve bought plenty of books in this series over the years but this is the first for a while that I’ve been inspired to read through, cover to cover, within a few days.’ Ian Carter, British Birds -

”'Gives a real feel of what ecologists actually have to do, and how their methods and conclusions are changing … Hasbeen done very well, combining the scientific knowledge intoan interesting story … An excellent book” - The Linnean

Praise for David M. Wilkinson -

”'Wilkinson offers answers as good as science currently can deliver” - Science

”'This is a fascinating book. Every ecologist will profit from reading it” - Basic and Applied Ecology

”'Extraordinarily readable and accessible … Examines some of the very basic questions underlying ecology in its widest sense” - British Ecological Society Bulletin

Praise for the New Naturalist series -

”'Taken either individually or as a whole, they are one of the proudest achievements of modern publishing” - The Sunday Times

”'The series is an amazing achievement” - The Times Literary Supplement