Eat Up: Food for Children of All Ages

By Mark Hix

Nursery food recipes that adults can enjoy too. First serious book on ‘comfort food’ that explores ways to get kids to enjoy a diverse, nutritious diet and why we all love those nursery favourites.

Mark Hix, much praised executive chef of The Ivy, Le Caprice and J Sheeky, brings all his experience to help parents create that rare phenomenon – the child who will happily eat food that is not camouflaged by a crispy coating. He believes children should be introduced to a variety of foods and natural flavours at an early age, getting away from the culture of separate meals for children as soon as possible.

‘Eat Up’ is his solution: a range of simple and delicious nursery food recipes that can be easily adapted to make dishes adults can enjoy too.

Hix discusses his experiences with his own children and how he encourages them to explore food. He has also invited a few other chefs to reveal innovative ways to feed kids, such as the chef who has invented a tomatoless tomato ketchup to overcome his daughter’s allergy. Hix also delves into the reasons why adults are obsessed with comfort food.

Mouthwatering recipes, practical tips, and beautiful photographs of children having fun with food make ‘Eat Up’ a must for anyone fed up with fish fingers.

Author: Mark Hix
Format: ebook
Release Date: 22 Sep 2016
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-740516-9
Mark Hix is executive chef of three of London’s most successful restaurants: The Ivy, Le Caprice and J Sheeky. He wrote the recipes for the Ivy cookbook and also the cookbook for Le Caprice. He has also written regular features for many magazines. Mark has twin daughters aged ten.

”'Fun, easy, accessible dishes for all the family…exciting versions of old favourites and new classics…avoids the need for making separate meals, with dishes to please all ages (and their parents!).” - Homestyle magazine

”'Recommended reading for new mothers.” - Daily Telegraph

”'Beautifully put together with luscious, funny pictures…how do you make children appreciate good food and eat it all up? Mark Hix’s recipes are designed to do just that.” - Daily Mail

”'Simply gorgeous.” - Food Illustrated

”'The great book for mums…offers simple, practical suggestions.” - BBC Good Food Magazine