Dying of Politeness: A Memoir

By Geena Davis

‘I adored this book. It’s so Geena and so inspiring and such a wonderful read’ Emma Thompson

A Times Film and Theatre Book of the Year 2022

From two-time Academy Award winner and screen icon Geena Davis, Dying of Politeness is the candid, surprising tale of her journey from her epically polite childhood to the roles that put her in the spotlight and gave her the strength to become a powerhouse in Hollywood.

At three years old, Geena announced she was going to be in movies. Now, with a slew of iconic roles and awards under her belt, she has surpassed her childhood dream, but her journey has been one of fits and starts, with a pothole or two along the way.

In this hilarious memoir, Geena regales us with tales of a career playing everything from an amnesiac assassin to the parent of a rodent in Stuart Little; a soap star in her underwear to a housewife turned road warrior in Thelma & Louise; a baseball phenomenon in A League of Their Own to the first female President of the United States in Commander in Chief, and more. She is frank about her eccentric childhood; her many relationships, including her spontaneous Las Vegas wedding to Jeff Goldblum; her archery exploits which led her to the Olympic trials; and how she became a tireless advocate for women and girls, founding her own institute which engages film and TV creators to better represent women and actors from diverse backgrounds.

Dying of Politeness is a touching account of one woman’s journey to fight for herself, and ultimately fighting for women all around the globe.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 12 Oct 2023
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-0-00-850815-9
Geena Davis is an American actor, advocate for gender equality, executive producer, and former model. She is the recipient of an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, in addition to nominations for a British Academy Film Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

Praise for Dying of Politeness: -

”'Candid, self-deprecating and vastly entertaining…. Davis’s frank appraisal of her psychological and physical merits, and demerits, is not only disarming, but likely to strike a chord with many of her readers” - The Times, Peter Sheridan

”'Her combination of humour and self-deprecation is immediately appealing” - The Observer, BOOK OF THE DAY

”'A marvellous memoir… an endearing and inspiring account of one 'offbeat' woman finding her own voice… I’m often bored by the second half of celebrity memoirs, but Davis’s just keeps building momentum. It’s a real-life feel-good movie, in which the downtrodden heroine finds her power. She guards her privacy without ever getting pompous or dull. If you want to know about the pimples on Brad Pitt’s bum, then she’ll spill. If you want to know how she conceived her kids at 47? Back off, that’s her business… I closed her book with the firm conviction that she’s the celebrity I’d most like to hang out with” - Daily Telegraph

”'Entertaining… After decades of silently seething, Thelma & Louise star Geena Davis lifts the lid on Hollywood sexism” - Daily Express

”'The book’s a blast… it really is a supremely jolly read” - The Times, Polly Vernon

'Brilliant… read it cover to cover. Absolutely awesome'Chris Evans -

”'Davis is truly inspiring, and her book is warm and relatable” - Woman’s Weekly