Sonya Patel Ellis

Sonya Patel Ellis is a London-based freelance writer, editor and artist primarily exploring plants, gardens, art, design, sustainability and the interconnections within nature and the botanical world. Authored publications include Collins Botanical Bible (William Collins, 2018), The Heritage Herbal (British Library Publications, 2020), The Collin’s Garden Birdwatcher’s Bible (William Collins, 2020) and The Modern Gardener (Harper Collins, 2022). She has contributed to various gardening, nature and lifestyle magazines including Gardens Illustrated, Countryfile, Bloom, Wild Alchemy and New York Magazine’s The Strategist UK, has worked with numerous publishers, membership organisations and brands, is a member of the Garden Media Guild, and has participated in plant-inspired exhibitions, events and workshops and events at venues such as the Garden Museum (London) and Bee Urban (Sweden). See or follow on Instagram @abotanicalworld @theherbariumproject

Books by Sonya Patel Ellis