Christopher Wallace

Christopher Wallace was born 1962, in Germany. His father was an RAF pilot and Christopher spent some of his childhood there and also in Singapore, before he began his schooling in Glasgow.

Christopher later attended the University of Stirling (1979-1982) which was then a radical hotbed of sex, drugs and dodgy haircuts. Despite this he managed to get a Degree in Management Science.

After university he followed a career in Marketing, including a spell as Brand Manager for Whyte and Mackay Whisky, and moved into Advertising and is now an Account Director at Barkers, a top five Scottish agency. Current personal clients include The Scottish Office and Greater Glasgow Tourist Board. Christopher now lives and works in Edinburgh, the most beautiful city in the world.

Christopher became a Writer around 1992, when the urge to express something on a page eventually overcame a natural indolence. His ambition was to develop a style which would marry the panache of William Burroughs to a compelling narrative of John Fowles. His work is often inspired by music, for example the initial idea behind The Pied Piper’s Poison came whilst listening to ‘The Low Symphony’ by Philip Glass (the rest was a result of too many long night mulling over a page with malt Whisky in the other hand).

‘The Pied Piper’s Poison’ was his first book, mixing a Polish plague in with the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and his second, ‘The Resurrection Club’, is based entirely in Edinburgh and combines the macabre past (Grave robbing/Burke & Hare) with the macabre present (strange goings on in the avant-theatre of the Festival). Most recently Christopher has written ‘The Pirate’.

Books by Christopher Wallace