The Ladder: Life Lessons from Women Who Scaled the Heights & Dodged the Snakes

By Cathy Newman

From the bestselling author of Bloody Brilliant Women

The Ladder brings together discussions between women – about work, love, growth, challenge, the big decisions and the stories of their lives.

Offering inspiration and wise counsel from some of the world’s most acclaimed and influential women, this book is an insight and a trove of solidarity, turning over ideas of change, anger, illness, imposter syndrome, self-knowledge, purpose, how to not panic in a crisis and how to stop worrying you’re boring when there isn’t one.

Amidst these pages are discussions with women who have achieved extraordinary things in their fields and pursuits, from politicians like Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Rayner to scientists like Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, activists like Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, film-makers like Waad Al-Kateab, religious leaders like Rose Hudson-Wilkin and broadcasters like Joan Bakewell.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 29 Feb 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-856748-4
Cathy Newman is one of Channel 4 News\' main studio presenters. She joined Channel 4 News as political correspondent in January 2006 after seven years writing for the Financial Times. Cathy is an award-winning investigative journalist whose scoops have allegations of sexual harassment in Westminster, an investigation into a British paedophile who abused vulnerable boys in Kenya; and allegations of violent abuse by the British barrister John Smyth. She was the only broadcast journalist to travel with Angelina Jolie and the then foreign secretary William Hague to the Congo as part of their campaign against sexual violence.Cathy’ first book Bloody Brilliant Women was published in 2018.

”'Sometimes, 1+1 = changing the world. Cathy Newman’s witty, warm history on the power of determined couples will make you look at your relationship and wonder, 'Could we be doing more this weekend than just going to IKEA?” - ’CAITLIN MORAN

‘A fascinating and illuminating insight into the relationships of extraordinary people. Cathy Newman shows us how and why (to use a familiar phrase) it takes two to tango’BRUNO TONIOLI -

‘Witty and insightful, challenging and unexpected - this book is a joy’RUTH DAVIDSON -

‘A fascinating look at the enduring popularity of the double act, it’s difficulties and intricacies, and just how interwoven duos are with every facet of popular culture and history. Cathy Newman takes us deeper into the relationships we’re familiar with, and lays bare the importance of these relationships in shaping our world’SARA CANNING -

‘This book is chock-full of odd couples who turn out to make perfect sense - just like me and Susanna … We’re a team - and that’s the secret of a successful pairing.It Takes Two on telly - and the world stage’PIERS MORGAN -

‘It’s a fascinating study of couples and collaboration, ending very often in anger and bitterness - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan and so on’MICHAEL MORPURGO, The i -

”'Filled with biographical anecdotes, this eclectic and hugely entertaining romp through the history of duos shows that 'coupledom is a jewel with many facets” - ’GUARDIAN, BEST PAPERBACKS OF THE MONTH, AUGUST 2021