Tales from the Special Forces Club: The Untold Stories of Britain’s Elite WWII Warriors

By Sean Rayment

Stories of real-life bravery and courage-under-fire contribute to a unique and poignant record of a club created for heroes.

There are just a handful of men and women alive today who served and fought with the Special Forces during the Second World War. They are a dwindling bunch of veterans in their twilight years whose tales of heroism and daring-do will soon be lost in time forever – yet they still regularly get together in a gentleman’s club, right in the heart of London – The Special Forces Club.

In ten separate and astonishing accounts of ingenuity and heroism, former Sunday Telegraph defence correspondent Sean Rayment visits this unique group of people, and through their vivid memories, transports the reader back in time to the dark days of the Second World War when Britain was again fighting on multiple fronts across the globe.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 27 Feb 2014
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-745254-5
Sean Rayment was the defence correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He is the author of ‘Bomb Hunters’, following the tours of duty of bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan. His time spent as a captain in 3 Para, plus his various connections throughout the armed services means he can open the doors to these unique veterans from WWII that have been closed to other writers over the years. He will be the first to properly tell their story.

”'Rayment uncovers astonishing depths of courage and resourcefulness.” - Sarah Sands, Evening Standard

‘Sean Rayment has gathered wartime experiences that have an extra resonance. For his veterans served in the Special Forces… [a] brilliant and often deeply moving book.’Sinclair McKay, Sunday Telegraph -

”'An outstanding book offering a vital insight into the wartime adventures of that small community of Britain's war heroes who rarely speak publicly.” - Chris Hughes, Daily Mirror

”'A cracking read, couldn't put it down.” - Neil Chandler, Daily Star Sunday