Keir Starmer: The Biography

By Tom Baldwin

‘Required reading for anyone who has an interest in who governs Britain’ ALASTAIR CAMPBELL

‘Sharp, smart and illuminating’ EMILY MAITLIS

Keir Starmer stands on the cusp of becoming prime minister despite being a puzzle to many in Westminster and beyond who really don’t understand how he has got there, let alone who he is or what he wants to do if he makes it through the front door of 10 Downing Street.

This authoritative – but not authorised – biography by Tom Baldwin provides answers by drawing deeply on many hours of interviews with the Labour leader himself, as well as unprecedented access to members of his family, his oldest friends and closest colleagues.

Together, they tell an unexpectedly intimate story filled with feelings of grief and love that has driven him on more than any rigid ideology or loyalty to a particular faction.

The book tracks Starmer’s emergence from a troubled small town background and rebellious youth, through a storied legal career as a human rights barrister and the country’s chief prosecutor, to becoming an MP relatively late in life.

Baldwin provides a vivid and compelling account of how this untypical politician then rose to be leader of his party in succession to Jeremy Corbyn, then transformed it with a ruthless rapidity that has enraged opponents from the left just as much as it has bewildered those on the right.

Above all, this is a book that should be read by anyone who wants to understand how someone who has too often been underestimated or dismissed as dull, now intends to change Britain.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 29 Feb 2024
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-00-866102-1
TOM BALDWIN has spent most of his life writing about or working in politics from Westminster to Washington. He began his career on local newspapers before having senior roles for the Sunday Telegraph and The Times. He was the Labour Party’s communications director under Ed Miliband and later helped run a mass campaign for a second referendum on Europe. He lives in London with his family.

‘Tom Baldwin paints a picture of a man both deeply ordinary and quietly remarkable. If you want to understand what drives the man who would lead Britain, start here - sharp, smart and illuminating' -


‘An important and compelling book about a widely misunderstood political leader. With a wealth of new detail and insight, Baldwin tells how Starmer led the most remarkable and rapid political-party revival in modern British history and what a Starmer government would mean for Britain. The Starmer who is revealed in these pages is probably not the one you think you know. Anyone interested in the future of Britain should read this’ -


”'Tom Baldwin has combined his commitment to genuine journalistic inquiry with his deep understanding of the Labour Party to produce a book that is required reading for anyone who has an interest in who governs Britain. After all the ballyhoo and nonsense of the Johnson/Truss years it is incredibly refreshing to read a serious and informed book about a serious politician” -