Jog on Journal: A Practical Guide to Getting Up and Running

By Bella Mackie

The essential companion to the Sunday Times bestselling Jog On – a funny, practical guide to managing your mental health through exercise.

Bella Mackie isn’t your average coach – she’s much swearier, and she’s never going to give you a nutrition plan or join you on a marathon. But through her inspiring personal story and realistic approach she’s already inspired thousands of men and women to manage their mental health through exercise. In this journal, Bella takes you on a journey from the sofa to the open road, helping you to:

  • Gain a new awareness of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression
  • Cope with side effects such as panic attacks and intrusive thoughts
  • Learn and memorise calming strategies such as breathing exercises
  • Build a checklist of everything you need to start running
  • Develop a regular running schedule, with realistic targets
  • Use exercise to gain confidence and manage mental health problems

Packed with insights from athletes and psychologists and step-by-step achievable goals, The Jog On Journal has everything you need to get you up and running.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 14 Nov 2019
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-837004-6
Bella Mackie, Sunday Times bestselling author of Jog On, has written for the Guardian, Vogue and Vice.

Praise for Jog On: -

”'Bella’s brilliant love letter to running turns into an extraordinarily brave and frank account of her battle with anxiety. This is a compassionate and important book which presents running as a simple but effective antidote to an anxious world” - Joe Lycett

”'An insightful take on what it's like to experience, and confront one's mental health while joyfully celebrating the fact that just being an everyday runner can be enough to change your life. Warm, accessible and perfect for resetting a glum January mindset” - Alexandra Heminsley, author of Running Like a Girl

”'A heartfelt and joyous ode to the strange, wonderful pull of a pair of ugly trainers, tight fitting Polyester, the rainy, windy open road and the peace and clarity it brings. Anyone that runs will love this book” - Dermot O’Leary

”'I don’t know that I will ever become a runner but this book is an inspiring start to the year” - Nigella Lawson

”'My kind of role model” - Ben Fogle

”'A very relatable book” - Philippa Perry

”'Sport and exercise are important for both body and mind. Jog On is one person’s brutally honest and insightful account of how running had a positive impact on their mental health” - Jimmy Anderson

”'A brilliant, compassionate insight into both mental illness and exercise, Bella Mackie’s Jog On will act as a comfort - and a spur - to so many. It is kind, it is honest and it will make you finally pull on those trainers and get moving. It will also - and this is so important - help you to understand what those experiencing anxiety endure” - Lynn Enright

”'Timely and empathetic… an insightful take on what it’s like to experience, and confront one’s mental health… warm, accessible and perfect” - Grazia

”'A book of real hope and one that will truly inspire you” - Stylist