Gareth Malone’s Guide to Classical Music: The Perfect Introduction to Classical Music: Enhanced edition

By Gareth Malone

In this funny, evocative, personal eBook, previously published as ‘Music for the People: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Classical Music’, Gareth Malone takes us on a journey of musical discovery that explains and entertains in equal measure. This enhanced eBook contains audio files so you can listen to the music Gareth refers to.

Have you ever been carried away by a piece of classical music? The sad song of a single violin might make us cry, but the idea of finding out more about classical music can often be intimidating. There are musical terms we don’t recognise, dead composers we can’t connect with, and a feeling that we were never given the right tools to appreciate, understand, and most importantly, enjoy classical music.

So who better to cut through the misconceptions and the jargon than the star of BBC2’s Bafta award-winning series The Choir, Gareth Malone. Over the course of three series, Gareth has unearthed a passion for classical music in schoolchildren, reluctant teenage boys, and even a whole town. With his infectious enthusiasm and gift for explanation, Gareth’s very personal narrative will provide a foundation of classical music understanding and give the reader the tools to appreciate a whole new world of music – from Bach to Beethoven and beyond.

So whether you want to learn more about the great composers, introduce an almost infinite variety into your iPod playlist, or are just curious about what you might be missing out on, Gareth Malone’s Guide to Classical Music will leave you entertained, informed and completely inspired.

Featuring a host of embedded sample tracks chosen by Gareth to illustrate his explanations, as well as an appendix of suggested further listening, with Youtube and other links, the enhanced eBook of Gareth Malone’s Guide to Classical Music offers extra layers of content that enrich Gareth’s narrative.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 28 Apr 2011
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-743298-1
Detailed Edition: Enhanced edition
Gareth Malone is a music animateur, singer, TV presenter and author. His BAFTA award-winning series The Choir re-ignited popular interest in classical music and received critical acclaim for inspiring so many to put their preconceptions to the side and to enjoy all that classical music has to offer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music before joining the London Symphony Orchestra as Assistant Animateur, Conductor and Chorus-master. Gareth lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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'One of the most strangely beguiling presences television has ever uncovered: impish but laconic, funny and yet still resolute, reserved but shameless, camp but dignified - and clearly a bloody good choirmaster.'The Guardian -

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