Cameron at 10: From Election to Brexit

By Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon

The most intimate account of a serving prime minister ever published, this is the gripping inside story of David Cameron’s government as told by senior figures, including the Prime Minister, George Osborne and Boris Johnson.

Spanning the early days of the coalition to a bitterly contested general election, and ending with the astonishing EU Referendum story, ‘Cameron at 10’ tells the full story of a momentous premiership. From riots in London to the withdrawal from Afghanistan to the gambles of two seismic referenda – the youngest prime minister since 1812 faced an exceptionally turbulent period in British politics. With insights into his relationships with EU leaders, the Brexit camp and Barack Obama, this is the essential blueprint for understanding the rise and fall of the Cameron government.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 10 Sep 2015
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-757552-7
Anthony Seldon is the author of multiple volumes on the premiership from Edward Heath to Gordon Brown, and is considered one of Britain’s pre-eminent political biographers and contemporary historians. He is the former head of one of the country’s leading independent schools, Wellington College, and has recently been appointed Vice-Chancellor of Buckingham University.Peter Snowdon is a journalist and historian, and duty edits BBC Radio 4’s flagship ‘Today’ Programme. He has written the unrivalled account of the Conservative Party’s return to power under David Cameron, ‘Back from the Brink’, described by Daniel Finkelstein as ‘a superb new history of the last decade in Tory politics’.The authors have collaborated on several books together, including the twin volume biography of Tony Blair – ‘Blair’ and ‘Blair Unbound’.

Praise for ‘Cameron at 10’ -

”'Explosive… authoritative yet uncompromisingly tough… a gripping and at times astonishing account of the people who rule us” - Mail on Sunday

”'These pages are a masterclass in so-called 'tick-tock' narrative - a minute-by-minute account, studded with detailed recollections and observations… A formidable achievement…Magisterial… If I were Mr Corbyn, I’d get busy reading” - Matthew D’Ancona, Evening Standard

”'While Lord Ashcroft may have started a brief craze for pig jokes…The more interesting (and damaging) disclosures come in the other new book about him, Cameron at 10 by Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon” - Fraser Nelson, Telegraph

”'Rigorously researched, giving an insight into the inner workings of Cameron’s No 10 and the coalition that we have not seen before… While Ashcroft and Oakeshott’s Call me Dave should by no means be dismissed, ultimately the offering from Seldon and Snowdon feels a far more substantial look at an intriguing political leader” - Independent on Sunday

‘An immensely thorough work… it contains a more damaging passage than any in their rival's unauthorised work' Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times -

”'A substantial piece of work - a blow-by-blow account, impeccably researched and carefully documented, of the highs and lows of the first Cameron administration. The authors appear to have enjoyed almost total access. Their judgements are on the whole balanced and the narrative compelling” - Chris Mullin, Observer

'A monumental first draft of history' John Rentoul, Independent -

”'Where Seldon excels is in his understanding of political relationships. Seldon and Snowdon are adept at convincing friends and colleagues to talk candidly” - The Times

”'Seldon and Snowdon are particularly strong on foreign policy… Cameron at 10 is an invaluable resource” - Daily Telegraph

”'Measured and thoughtful… Cameron at 10 is a fascinating book” - James Bloodworth, Daily Beast