An Irish Nature Year

By Jane Powers, Illustrated by Robert Vaughan

Call it a daily meditation on the world around us for nature-lovers and nature newbies alike, An Irish Nature Year gleefully explores the small mysteries of the seasons as they unfold – Who’s cutting perfect circles in your roses? Which birds wear feathery trousers? And what, exactly, is an amethyst deceiver?

An Irish Nature Year is an illustrated day book filled with plants, animals, birds and creepy-crawlies from all over the island of Ireland. With one short entry for every day of the year, nature columnist Jane Powers serves up 5 minutes’ worth of wonderment to enjoy on your coffee break, on your commute, or to relax with at bedtime.

From ‘weeds’ in the pavement cracks and surprising inhabitants of vacant lots, to unusual finds along our shoreline and hedgerows, you’ll find more of the natural world to admire right under your nose, and relish the little things that mark the passing of the seasons across the ever-changing Irish landscape.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 17 Sep 2020
Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-0-00-839214-7
Jane Powers is a nature writer and columnist for The Sunday Times Irish edition, where she was gardening correspondent for many years, as she was at the Irish Times. Her previous book, The Irish Garden, was named Inspirational Book of the Year at the Garden Media Awards.

”'An Irish Nature Year by Jane Powers: you’ll love the cover…Very sweet day book filled with plants and animals and birds and creepy crawlies from all over the island of Ireland…really lovely” - - Ryan Tubridy

”'Written by the award-winning garden writer Jane Powers, now nature diarist for the Sunday Times, An Irish Nature Year is the perfect pocket-sized stocking filler for anyone with an interest in garden wildlife from speckled wood butterflies and summer snowflakes to spiders, swallows and field mice.” - - Irish Times

‘Jane’s knowledge of the wonders of nature all around her is immense… Developing such knowledge may take a lifetime, but dipping into the book during the months (it is published in diary form) will help us all to understand at least a small bit more of this rich tapestry’. - Irish Examiner -