A Day Like Today: Memoirs: Unabridged edition

By John Humphrys, Read by John Humphrys

‘The bombshell book everyone is talking about’ DAILY MAIL

‘A radio genius … the maestro of the show’ EVENING STANDARD

As presenter of Radio 4’s Today, the nation’s most popular news programme, John Humphrys was famed for his tough interviewing. He has been at the heart of journalism for decades. Now, he offers his life story from the poverty of his post-war childhood in Cardiff, leaving school at fifteen, to the summits of broadcasting. Along the way, he recalls the experiences that have marked him most: being the first reporter at the terrible disaster in Aberfan, reporting from South Africa in the dying days of apartheid, from Ireland during the Troubles, and from the White House on Richard Nixon’s historic resignation.

With his trademark tenacity and no punches pulled, John also weighs in on the controversies of his career, the role and limitations of the BBC, and the broader health of political debate today. He hopes you’ll tune in.

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 03 Oct 2019
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-835652-1
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
John Humphrys is an award-winning journalist who has presented the Today programme since January 1987 – almost twice as long as any other presenter. In his 50 years at the BBC he was also their youngest television foreign correspondent and served in Washington during the Watergate years and southern Africa during apartheid and the Rhodesian war. He presented the Nine o’Clock news on BBC1 for six years and has also presented Panorama and On the Ropes on Radio 4. He has chaired Mastermind since 2003. He’s written eight books, including two on the English language and others on the dangers of intensive agriculture and the case for physician assisted suicide.

”'Offers readers the best bits of an extraordinary - and lucky - life that canters through key moments of recent history…Humphrys even offers us glimpses of his human side off-mic” - Sunday Times, Best Books of the Year 2019

”'This is one of the best books ever written about our industry.” - Piers Morgan

”'The bombshell book everyone is talking about” - Daily Mail

”The combative broadcaster’s memoir mixes engaging snapshots of his early career with some score-settling and a robust defence of his interviewing style” - Guardian

”'He bears a magnificent grudge … This is an unparalleled record of contemporary politics at the jaggy end … Wry, angry, often poignant … The BBC’s purpose, the unassailable facts, impartiality:these are his lifelong mission.” - Melanie Reid, The Times

”'Humphrys is impassioned and sometimes furious in this vivid account of his life … He writes from long experience and close observation … There are some genuine Humphrys milestones included.” - Sunday Times

”'John Humphrys is a radio genius … the maestro of the show” - David Sexton, Evening Standard